Our Seaweed Blends

Seaweed is fast gaining a reputation as the ideal sustainable food source. Certainly, the nutritional properties of seaweeds are both interesting and unique, with some seaweeds having protein levels as high as 47%. Seaweed therefore represents an untapped source of protein and has great future potential. As the global population continues to rise, the need for a sustainable, alternative source of protein also increases. In fact it is estimated that the worldwide requirement for food will increase up to 50% by 2030, thus highlighting the absolute need for sustainable development.

Seaweed is a natural source of biologically active proteins, peptides and amino acids. Two groups of bioactive proteins – lectins and phycobiliproteins – are present in some seaweed. Lectins are a group of carbohydrate-binding proteins that display anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-HIV and anti-inflammatory biological activity; lectins have been successfully isolated from a number of seaweeds including Eucheuma sp. and Codium fragile.

An estimated 100,000 ton of seaweed gets washed up daily on the Irish coastline. Only a fraction of this resource is currently being exploited for its potential as a foodstuff and as the raw material for medical, cosmetic and other uses.

At the moment food is produced in such a way that we use a lot of chemicals and synthetics to combat disease or combat bacteria or even to get animals to grow faster. This practice is leading to a lot of problems. With seaweed and our specific blends, you have the ability to replace all chemicals. OceanFeed works in such a way that it improves the gut environment, it has a specific effect against bad bacteria and a good effect on the normal bacteria that are naturally in the gut. It is for this reason that animals get more energy out of their feed, they grow better and ultimately have less diseases.

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