OceanFeed™ Swine

OceanFeed™ Swine
ocean feed swine

OceanFeed™ Swine

OceanFeed™ Swine is a fully natural feed ingredient . It is a formulated blend of various marine algae which are sustainably harvested from the Atlantic coast of Ireland and the Pacific ocean.

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This feed ingredient has been developed to advance health, combat disease and improve growth. The formulations have been developed using a complex blend of carbohydrate rich brown, green and red seaweeds which provide an abundance of bioactive molecules for health and growth.

Intensive pig production often has to deal with health issues caused due to high stocking numbers, stress and poor diet leading to reduced performance and growth.

Key benefits of OceanFeed™ Swine:

  • Reduced mortality rates of over 50%
  • Replacement of certain antibiotics and organic acids
  • Lower feed cost due to mineral replacement and better protein uptake
  • Reduced fattening days
  • Increased production capacity
  • Reduction in uses of antibiotics
  • Improves gut health (reduction in bad bacteria and intestinal parasites)
  • Improved skin condition (reduced incidence of lesions)

Customer Comment:

“Mortality rates for the last 40 years was a consistent 4%, after 2 years using OceanFeed™ Swine our mortalities have dropped to under 1%.”

– John and Mark Dielman, Riverdale Farms, Canada.

OceanFeed™ Swine is available in:

  • 20kg Bags
  • 1 Tonne Bags

Feeding guide

(simply add to current feed)
Add to current rations at a 2% inclusion