OceanFeed™ Shrimp

OceanFeed™ Shrimp
ocean feed shrimp

OceanFeed™ Shrimp

OceanFeed™ Shrimp is a natural and fully sustainable feed ingredient to be added to feed for farmed shrimp. Derived from a complex blend of macroalgae (seaweeds). The algae is cultivated and sustainable sourced from around the world to provide an optimised mix of bioactive ingredients.

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OceanFeed™ Shrimp has been tested in research trials at farm level and is FEMAS/GMP+ approved and organically certified. It is commercially used in the shrimp farming industry.

Commercial seafood companies carrying out testing on OceanFeed™ fed shrimp noted that a sweeter taste was present as well as good pigmentation, shrimp were firm and no soft tissues were present after cooking.

The natural bioactive compounds found in the feed can assist in the control of chronic diseases and viral infections found in shrimp; in particular vibrio, whitespot and EMS. The shrimp feed has also successfully been used in the cultivation of crab and lobster.

Key Benefits of OceanFeed™ Shrimp:

  • Higher weight gain
  • Improved FCR
  • Replacement for mineral mixes
  • Some efficacy against viral disease
  • Lower infection and mortality rates
  • Significantly improved taste due to improved fatty acid levels
  • Improved environmental signature

OceanFeed™ Shrimp is available in:

  • 20kg Bags
  • 1 Tonne Bags

Feeding guide

(simply add to current feed)
Add to current rations at a 10% inclusion