OceanFeed™ Salmonid

OceanFeed™ Salmonid
ocean feed salmonid

OceanFeed™ Salmonid

OceanFeed™ Salmonid is a natural and fully sustainable feed ingredient derived from a complex blend of macroalgae. The algae used are cultivated and sustainably sourced from around the world.

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OceanFeed™ Salmonid has been developed as a feed ingredient, primarily for salmon and trout species. OceanFeed™ has been tested in research trials, is organically certified and has been FEMAS/GMP+ approved. OceanFeed™ Salmonids contains a plethora of natural bioactive compounds which when incorporated in the diet can modulate several functions in farmed salmon and assist in the control of chronic diseases and infections found in farmed salmon.

OceanFeed™ Salmonid is also available in Hatchery which is a mix specifically focussed on fingerlings and smolt to combat fungal infections in the hatchery environment.

Key Benefits of OceanFeed™ Salmonid:

  • Improved taste and texture
  • Omega 3 levels double even when on a high plant oil diet
  • Significant reduction in levels of sea lice
  • Healthier fish and less issue with disease
  • Over 2% higher weight gain as shown in trials
  • Over 3% lower FCR as shown in trials
  • Effectively no sea lice in issues in commercial farms using feed
  • Improved natural pigmentation, texture and flavour
  • Enriched gut health due to short chained oligosaccharides from macroalgae
  • Lower mortality rates

OceanFeed™ Salmonid is available in:

  • 20kg Bags
  • 1 Tonne Bags

Feeding guide

(simply add to current feed)
Add to current rations at a 10% inclusion
At Hatchery level add to current rations at a 5% inclusion.