OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI

OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI

OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI Health and Performance Improver

OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI (Health and Performance Improver) is a wholly natural feed ingredient comprising of a scientific blend of various marine algae (seaweeds) which are sustainably harvested from the Atlantic coast of Ireland, and some coasts in Asia.

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Seaweeds have been chosen specifically for the bioactive properties that will have the best impact on increasing overall health and performance. The properties present in OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI will assist with fertility, milk quality, reduce fattening days and allow for greater reduction in overall feeding costs for you the farmer.

By including a small amount of OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI in your animals daily feed, you can help improve the digestive tract of the animal. This allows your animals to absorb more nutrients from their feed and subsequently increasing their overall health.

General Benefits:

  • Helps increase herd fertility
  • Improves the digestive tract in your animals
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Increases milk protein content and milk yield
  • Improves your animal’s immune system
  • Improves skin and coat condition
  • Improves hoof health

Key Benefits to Beef Farming:

  • Helps increase beef farming profits
  • Assists in reducing fattening days
  • Helps lower feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Helps animal weight gain
  • Helps improve conditioning and coat sheen
  • Aids towards content and relaxed animals
  • Scientifically proven to boost the immune system which can help fight infections

Key Benefits to Dairy Farming:

  • Helps herd fertility as shown in trials
  • Assists in reducing calving cycles
  • Can increase milk protein solids by up to 8.8% (commercial trial results)
  • Can increase milk yield
  • Helps lower somatic cell count
  • An excellent source of Iodine
  • Provides essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Scientifically proven to boost the immune system which can help fight infections

OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI is available in:

  • 20kg Bags
  • 1 Tonne Bags

Feeding guide

(simply add to current feed)
Calves less than 100Kg: 30 – 40g daily
Young Cattle 100-250Kg: 50 – 70g daily
Cows and Cattle over 250Kg: 70 – 100g daily


My cattle killed out very well, I would say a sub-grade better. I reckon I have reduced my costs by a minimum of 10% since including OceanFeed. The whole county should be using it.

Jonny Herwood,
Beef Farmer,
Knockdoe, Co. Galway

Projected Savings:


Farmers including OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI in the herds’ diet have experienced a major reduction with the problem of cows not cleaning after calving. In one case, it dropped from 7 out of 50, to 1 out of 62. Farmers have also experienced cows bulling again quicker, two to three weeks sooner than previous. Overcoming these fertility challenges allows the potential for one extra calf for every eight cows in the herd, and would contribute substantially to reducing calving cycles and assisting in efficient herd growth.

Milk protein

If you take the 8.8% protein increase (the lower of the 2 results from our trials), and apply it to an economic model, a dairy farmer with a herd size of 75 cows has the potential to make over €4,000 extra profit per year from their better quality milk.

This figure includes the investment in OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI.