Algaflex Oceanfeed

AlgaFlex is a concentrated liquid seaweed extract used to increase crop health, yield and quality.

AlgaFlex is principally derived from Ascophyllum nodosum. 30% solids content (W/V).

As a biofertilizer, AlgaFlex is a balanced source of macronutrients, trace elements and organic carbon.

As a biostimulant, AlgaFlex promotes physiological responses which exceed those explained by chemical nutritional analysis alone. Consult technical data sheet for a full analysis of the active ingredients and nutritional content of AlgaFlex.

Why choose AlgaFlex?

  • AlgaFlex liquid carries 30% suspended solids meaning that you get far more bioactive material compared to other seaweed products.
  • The extraction method used to produce AlgaFlex involves no chemicals and so the naturally occurring active ingredients found in seaweed are preserved for uptake by the crop.
  • AlgaFlex is certified for use in organic cultivation, but is also widely used in conventional farming to improve yields and maintain plant health.
  • Algaflex is mildly acidic, whereas many other seaweed products are strongly alkali. This has numerous advantages:
    • If applied in a solution alongside other fertilizer products, AlgaFlex is less likely to cause the precipitation of fertilizer salts.
    • Solutions containing AlgaFlex can be used to coat seed potatoes without damaging the tuber or predisposing them to infection by scab bacteria.

Solutions containing AlgaFlex can be used to coat seed potatoes without damaging the tuber or predisposing them to infection by scab bacteria..

Major benefits to the crop of AlgaFlex application

  • Increased yield
  • Improved flower and fruit retention
  • Stronger root system development
  • Improved tolerance to environmental stresses and diseases
  • Increases the activity of beneficial microbes.

Application protocols

General application: Apply 3L/ha at planting, followed by 2-3L/ha at regular intervals throughout the growing season.

Consult the technical and safety data sheets above for further details on application protocols and handling.

Organic cultivation

AlgaFlex is approved for use in organic cultivation by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.