Intertrade Ireland Innovation Award Winners

Intertrade Ireland Innovation Award Winners

We did it… Delighted to say Ocean Harvest Technology have taken home to Milltown the award for Agri-food in this years Intertrade Ireland Innovation Awards held in Belfast City Hall on Friday 17th April.

So why did we win it??

We have created a range of patented seaweed-based formulas centred on the bioactive ingredients present in different seaweeds. These ingredients allow our feeds to replace many of the synthetic components currently found in many agricultural and aquacultural feed ingredients with significant benefits for fish and consumers.

Oceanfeed Salmon is a patented feed additive formulated from seaweed which improves the health of farmed salmon, can help repel sea lice and improves taste and texture profile of the fish but more importantly can raise Omega 3 fatty acid levels by up to 30 per cent in the fish. This not only improves the health of the fish but ultimately produces a superior end product with health benefits for the consumer.

“We discovered last year that a novel proprietary blend of micro algae could help speed up the process in the fish’s liver which is involved in the production of Omega 3. This is a win win for everyone involved. The consumer benefits through the health giving properties of the fish and the processors and farmers benefit as they can get a better price for the fish.”

says Stefan Kraan, Scientific Director of Ocean Harvest Technology.

Below is a list of the full award winners on the night:

  • Overall Innovation of the Year winner: PanelDuct
  • Creative Industries winner: WholeWorldBand
  • IT & Telecoms winner: Nautilus
  • Energy & the Environment winner: REDT
  • Bioscience winner: Embo Medical
  • Agri-food winner: Ocean Harvest Technology