Improve Your Animal’s Ability to Absorb Nutrients – OceanFeed™

Improve Your Animal’s Ability to Absorb Nutrients – OceanFeed™
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OceanFeed™ Seaweed Products

Through many years of research and development, Ocean Harvest Technology (OHT) has discovered ways to improve an animal’s health by matching a formulation of seaweeds to their diet. These formulae are specifically selected for the bioactive properties relevant to each animal including dairy and suckler cows and also relevant to other types of farming. These products come in the form of our OceanFeed™ Range.

We started with a goal of using natural, sustainable alternatives to replace some synthetic disease control treatments used in the salmon industry and by doing so provide a greener approach to salmon production. By staying true to our original goals, the development of OHTs first product, OceanFeed™ Salmonid, naturally evolved into a product line which now covers both the aquacultural and agricultural sectors.

Farmers know and understand the importance of nutrition, and better nutrition for their animals means better health. That is why we invest the time and money working with our customers to develop optimum feed rations for their animals.

So what if your animals could actually absorb more from the ration that you currently give them?

ocean feed bovineOceanFeed™ assists animals in doing this by improving the animal’s gut health, and in doing so aids the animal’s ability to absorb more nutrients. This then leads to an increase in the animals overall health. You do not need to change the animals feed, you just add OceanFeed™ at a small inclusion rate depending on your particular animal to avail of all of the health benefits and cost savings.


Each of our products have benefitted the animals which use them. For example, with our main product for the bovine sector, OceanFeed™ Bovine HPI (Health & Performance Improver), we have witnessed some key benefits:

  • Increased herd fertility
  • Increase in animal weight gain
  • Improved milk quality/yield
  • Healthier digestive tract meaning better nutrient absorption

If you are interested in knowing more about our products or the results of any of our trials, just contact 093 51220 or email