Galway Races 2015 Day Two – My Terrible Tips

Galway Races 2015 Day Two – My Terrible Tips
Galway Races

Oh yes, we at Ocean Harvest understand horses and what makes them healthy. However, understanding how to pick a horse to win is a completely different game and I know I suck at it. But I have just gone to the shop, picked up todays paper and going to give it a good old Irish lash at making some winning picks for today at the Galway Races.

So todays meeting for the Galway Races starts with the first race at 5.15pm. The course is in good condition with showers expected. Well in Ireland right now showers are guaranteed. Now the weather and course condition mean very little to me but its nice to use the right language. Now on to the races. I’m not going to worry about explaining my choices but basically they come down to a mix of knowing who the jockey is, liking the name, their current odds and whether I just have a gut feeling on them.

5.15pm – Topaz Novice Hurdle 2m

Tricky one here as I am tied between Adimelo and Long Dog. However I have to go with Long Dog to win for two reasons. One is I’m a big fan of Ruby and secondly if you put an ‘n’ into Dog before the g then you suddenly have the best name for a horse I have ever heard.

5.45pm – Latin Quarter Beginners Chase

16 horses down to run in this one and after a quick scroll through the names and jockeys I’ve gone with Tavern Times, currently at 16/1. Decent odds for an each way bet although on paper he is up against it a little.

6.15pm – Topaz European Breeders Fund Fillies Maiden

No doubts about it, I just have to go with the beautifully named Siamsaiocht, currently at 5/2.

6.50pm – Topaz Mile Handicap

So I figured it was time to pick one based purely on the colours of their jerseys so I have looked at no jockeys or odds and am going with my favourite jersey. Very scientific I know. I was caught between Brendan Bracken and Unsinkable for this one. Identical jerseys which is why I was drawn to them but I’ve given my vote to Unsinkable based on the fashionable yellow helmet. Probably best if you are choosing my tips to follow that you leave this one at an each way bet.

7.20pm – European Breeders Fund Maiden

We are going for another Weld trained horse here in the shape of Valac. I don’t know much but from what I do know makes me like the combination of Smullen and Weld.

7.50pm – Caulfield Industrial Athlone Handicap

Another big field to choose from here and I honestly have no clue whatsoever so I am just going to choose the Weld/Smullen combination again and pick Northern Rocked to finish top 4 here anyways.

8.20pm – Handicap

The final race of the night makes me feel like just having some fun. So with 16 runners I am going to pick an each way bet from the 8 outside bets on this race and see what happens. I am going Fosters Cross currently at 25/1. A risk but when you bet the tiny amounts that I do, then having fun with bets is what its all about.


So that is my picks for Day 2 of the Galway Festival. I’m no Paddy Power or John Mulholland but you never know. This just might be the new formula to follow in choosing your horses.


Image is courtesy of Galway Tourism